About Us


Infinite Track Minds (Alex Vazquez & Nick Valentin) is more than music. We are two academically trained engineers/scientists creating music to strengthen the bridge between the brain and the soul, often thought to be separate entities. We believe that the brain and the soul are directly dependent on one another. As such, we’re applying concepts in neuroscience to evoke a variety of physical responses, both conscious and subconscious, only to be enhanced by the listener’s own experiences. The genre of “soul music” has been of particular interest because of its timeless ability to transmit the thoughts and emotions of the artist to the listener. Think of people like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Prince or The Beatles. Whether conscious or not, their music seems to take advantage of this relationship. By studying the work of such geniuses, and explicitly combining our knowledge with findings in neuroscience, we aim to create unique music that transcends genres.
While we hold strongly that playing all analog instruments ourselves transmits our personal touch, we believe that it’s also important to leverage technology to exercise a higher level of control over our music production. Everything that you hear, from the chord progressions, scales, dissonance, harmonies, note timing, melodies, and word usage is selected with all of these concepts in mind. Overall, we simply want to share our passion for music and we invite you to join us in our journey.